Tips and advice for our patients

Are you a new and existing patient? Here is some general information to help make your time with us so much easier.

Appointment changes

Call our office on 07 853 2300 to change your appointment or leave a message. If your call is after hours, we will return your call the next working day. 

If you are running late for an appointment, please phone ahead to alert our reception staff as we may have to reschedule your appointment. We highly recommend that you do your best to be on time for your scheduled appointment so you do not cause a delay for other patients who are on time.

Emergency appointments

Call our office on 07 853 2300 to schedule an emergency appointment if your braces are broken or come loose. Please advise our staff if you are in pain and we will endeavour to make a same day appointment. Most problems with braces are not urgent unless they are causing you pain.

Please note that excessive breakages may incur additional costs which will be billed as part of your orthodontic treatment plan. For more information, please go to the Costs section on our website.

Holiday emergencies

During holiday periods, our office answering phone is updated to contain emergency contact details for Dr Green. Dr Green will respond to patients who are in pain or discomfort at the earliest opportunity.

Missing out of school or work

It is almost impossible to undertake a full course of specialist orthodontic treatment without missing school or work on some occasions. We always endeavour to schedule the majority of our adjustment visits at the most convenient time for you, however if a longer visit is required, it is likely this will be scheduled during the day.

Food and your diet

For the first 24 hours after having your braces placed, you may choose to have a soft food diet. In addition, patients may develop discomfort or pain that requires mild pain relief. We recommend patients consider taking general pain relief tablets such as Panadol and Nurofen or medication as prescribed by your General Practitioner.

Hard, sticky food should be avoided during orthodontic treatment as these types of foods may damage your braces. Hard foods such as apples and carrots can still be eaten but need to be cooked or chopped into bite sized pieces. Your orthodontic treatment time can be lengthened by excessive breakages. At your new patient consultation, we will advise you about your diet and what foods you should avoid to prevent damage to your braces.

Care of your braces

We recommend you brush your teeth regularly and clean your braces after eating using a soft toothbrush. Clear instruction is given on brushing techniques once your braces are fitted and this is a critical part of your treatment plan.

Use of wax

Patients are given wax to use should a bracket rub their cheek or gum. We recommend gently drying the bracket and wire with a tissue before applying a small ball of wax (about half the size of a baby pea) to your braces. Soften the wax in your fingers and carefully press onto the bracket and wire. This will provide instant relief for the affected area. If you have run out of wax, sugar-free gum can be used as an alternative. You are welcome to pick up more wax from Orthotek at your next appointment.

Wearing elastics

Elastics should be worn as instructed by your specialist orthodontist (if required) as they are an important part of your personal treatment plan. Elastics will be given to you at your appointments. Extra packs of elastics can be collected from reception if you run out.


Retainers are worn to stabilise your teeth in their new position and help prevent movement. They can be in the form of a removable appliance and/or bonded wire behind the front teeth. Retainers should be as instructed by your specialist orthodontist throughout your treatment.

Lost or damaged retainers

Please call the office on 07 853 2300 to advise if you have lost or broken your retainer. If you are still under Dr Green’s care, a retainer mould will be stored at the surgery and a new retainer can be made without an appointment. If your treatment has been completed, you will have been given your retainer mould for safe keeping so this will need to be returned to the surgery to allow a new retainer to be made.

If your removable retainer no longer fits, please call 07 853 2300 to make an appointment to see Dr Green as we will need to take a new impression of your mouth to make a replacement retainer. Please note that replacement retainers will incur an additional charge.

What every patient must do

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene
  • Wear all appliances, elastics and retainers as instructed
  • Avoid activities and food that may damage appliances
  • Have as little sweet or acidic foods and drinks as possible (especially coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks) to help prevent marks on teeth and tooth decay
  • Report problems straight away
  • Keep all scheduled appointments
  • Visit a dentist or dental therapist regularly 
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