Treatment cost

The cost of your orthodontic treatment is based on the severity of your problem and the estimated treatment duration.

What are the costs of orthodontic treatment?

At your first new patient consultation the extent of your orthodontic problem will be assessed and Dr Green will discuss available treatment options. Following your appointment, you will be sent a comprehensive report outlining your personalised treatment programme. Your quote with an interest free payment plan will be included.

The quote covers your entire orthodontic treatment programme, including:

  • The fitting of orthodontic braces
  • All follow-up visits to adjust
  • Removal of your braces
  • The making and fitting of your personal retainers
  • Supervised care for one year following the removal of your braces with appointments scheduled at four monthly intervals
  • At your final appointment, a Panorex X-Ray will be taken and then sent to your dentist

NB: If your treatment extends beyond the estimated time, if there are breakages of your braces, or if you have extra visits, no additional fees are applied.

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What items are not included in the treatment fee?

The following services are not included in the quoted treatment fee:

  • New patient consultations
  • Diagnostic records (i.e. x-rays, study models and photographs)
  • Planning of treatment
  • Services provided outside of our practice, such as visits to your family dentist or another dental specialist. For example, dental treatment (including removal of any teeth) before, during or after orthodontic treatment, is not included in your treatment fee
  • Replacement of lost or damaged retainers


How do I pay for my braces?

We offer a range of payment options: Eftpos, credit card, online payments, cheque or cash.

Payment plan

An initial deposit is due the day your braces are fitted. The balance of treatment fees are then divided into equal and regular instalments. Instalments can be paid monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

We provide a schedule of fees outlining payment dates. An automatic payment form is provided and we recommend setting payments up online or with your bank. The payment plan is interest free.

Your payment plan is provided for your convenience and not linked directly to treatment provided in that period.


What if I am having difficulty making a payment?

If you have any problems with making your payments, please contact our office. We will discuss and assist in any way we are able. If we are forced to engage the services of a debt collector, the debtor will be liable for all debt collection service fees. We do want to assist you to avoid this outcome.

Will I be charged additional fees? 

Additional fees are charged in the following circumstances:

  • You persistently fail to keep appointments with no prior notice (patients would be advised before fees are imposed)
  • You need to repair or replace lost or damaged retainers
  • A new problem develops, such as unfavourable jaw growth or inadequate compliance of your treatment programme (e.g. not wearing elastics or not caring for your braces)

It is your responsibility to follow the treatment plan designed for you by your specialist orthodontist. If you fail to do so, associated problems that arise are beyond an orthodontist’s control and you may be charged additional fees to correct these new problems.

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